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About Us

 Welcome to Sunshine Kids Academy!


Established in 2014, Sunshine Kids Academy Inc. offers a wide array of early child development and academic enrichment programs to children between 3 and 12 years old at two locations in Tokyo and Chiba. Our Tokyo campus is based in Tsukiji, Chuo city, and the Shin-Urayasu campus serves the communities in Urayasu city areas.


We are committed to providing an environment that fosters a love for learning. We understand that each child has different aspects of development and needs. As an early education institution, we place importance on balance in education, both in physical and mental development, through our holistic approach.

Our Afterschool Lab & Studio's primary goal is to help children become well-spoken and comprehensible individuals. Our success is measured by improving abilities and attitudes toward reading, problem-solving skills, speaking, and listening, as well as overall physical health and well-being.


The Lab & Studio programs cater to non-registered students and our currently enrolled Kindergarten families, providing an age-based experience that can be tailored according to their interests. Our diverse and dynamic programs allow students to channel their energy to produce a progressive and directed learning experience. With our convenient and customizable educational program, students can experience, browse courses, and freely choose their afterschool classes based on their preferences. 


We aim to offer the best possible learning through hands-on, project-based activities that grant our students opportunities to solve real-world problems through critical thinking, allowing them to develop the skills necessary to excel in the ever-changing, technologically-driven world.

Our Philosophy


♦︎ We believe that children learn best when education is delivered through not just play but ways that match their learning style—whether that's auditory, tactile, visual, or kinesthetic and that when children engage in interactive activities that involve purposeful design, creation, interaction, and invention, their creativity flourishes, and they show a greater interest in learning. Our teaching methods in Afterschool Lab & Studio not only encourage social skills and teamwork but also push the boundaries of their imaginations to show them that anything is possible.


♦︎ We also believe promoting our students' sense of self is essential so that each child can learn in their own way and to their highest potential. To strengthen our students' self-awareness and social skills, we provide an environment that improves students' communication with peers, improves cooperative teamwork, and helps solve complex and real-world problems. With our five pillars of the curriculum framework and varied scopes of education, we aim to instill positive attributes that can help our students to become critical thinkers, engaged learners, confident leaders, and ethical citizens in their communities.

Sunshine Kids Academy Staff

The Quality of Care & Education Our Students Receive from Passionate SUNSHINE KIDS ACADEMY Educators is Unparalleled. Each of Our Teachers is Selectively Chosen to Make Early Child Development Their Top Priority!


At Sunshine Kids Academy, every teacher works as a lead teacher in their classroom, which means they all must have, at minimum, a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education or related fields. In addition, our administrators ALL began at Sunshine Kids Academy as teachers & are gradually progressed to become assistant administrators, administrators, and/or other management team coordinators/members. Their knowledge & understanding of our early years of child development programs are the stages of building blocks for our school's most successful, loving & nurturing environment and its foundation. We celebrate and encourage our faculty to continue growing and exploring within Sunshine Kids Academy Inc.

Our faculty and staff are continually First Aid and CPR certified with a full understanding of Anaphylaxis and other child safety areas. We value diversity and inclusion in our work culture. We are proud that our team brings many different ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, and numerous unique sets of talents that enrich our students in an international and diverse atmosphere.

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